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it's a dog!


 your dog training near Cascais and Sintra 


 My name is Alexandra Lucke and I am a certified

          dogtrainer/behavioural coach .


                I am happy you found your way here

                        and I would like to invite you

                         to browse through my page

           finding the right offer for you and your dog.




group classes.


want to train in a group of max 6 and learn the basics of dog education with your puppy, teenage or adult dog?


you enjoy time together with your best friend and like meeting other people?



then this is for you!











individual coaching.




are looking for help with a specific problem


your dog pulls on the lead, shows aggression towards other dogs or is too scared to go outside


or you simply prefer to train in 1 to 1 situation with a tailor made programm just for you and your dog 



then click below















and your dog want to meet other people and dogs for socialising, playing, running,

having fun and

above all: communicating



then follow the

playgroup link





















want to walk new paths

find out what you and your

dog really enjoy doing spend more time together learn more

learn differently

enjoy learning



then check out our workshops








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