Individual coaching.

personalised 1 to 1 training

that focuses on you and your dog alone



individual training gives you the opportunity to work together with me on problems and difficulties that you might have with your dog. Whether this involves insecurity, aggression or unwanted hunting behaviour,  lead pulling, jumping up or constant barking.


The professional view from the outside enables us to analyze and explain the educational or behavioural problems you and your dog might face and together we can select the best behaviour-modifying approach.


In line with your wish and potential, we will help to develop sustainable change in practical, everyday exercises. The individual training is always specific and intense. Every human-dog conflict is special in its very own way as much as every relationship and every personality will always be unique


Every session is approximately 60mins.


The first session mainly aims at getting to know you, your dog and

your story

Individual Coaching


Janes/Malveira da Serra

near Cascais and Sintra

on our fenced dog field


at your home


or outside


depending on you, your dog and the situation


each meeting lasts

approx. 60 minutes


appointments are flexible and will be arranged to your needs  

the first meeting always is an introductory meeting where we get to know each other, where you have a chance to talk about your situation, your wishes and goals and we will set a target and time scheme together.


40 EUR per session if you come to me 47 EUR plus km allowance if I come to you 


payable on the day or in advance

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