kids and dogs.

3 x 60 min

Saturday from 12:30-13:30

starting: coming soon

please contact me for more info 

designed for children from the age of 8 and their dogs

They will learn how to talk to dogs, how to read dogs' body language, how to use their own body to communicate, how to play safely, how to approach strange dogs, what do do and what not to do when it comes to cuddling, and how to respect the dog


we will end with a kids drivers licence for your own dog


best pooch in town.

next event tbc


 best trick dog 

best recall dog 

best lead walking

fastest dog

biggest dog

smallest dog

smartest dog

crime time.

coming soon

please contact me if interested


you|your dog|your team


solve the mystery together with your best friend, follow the clues, work together, rely on each other -


man trailing.

price and time tbc

A “mantrailing” dog follows the trail of a specific person, based on its individual smell. Every human being has his very own scent that can be detected and followed by your dog.


Mantrailing (not to be confused with tracking) is a great way of spending quality time with your dog. You will experience what it means to work in a team and learn a lot about reading your dogs behaviour and movements carefully. Insecure dogs can greatly benefit from this highly rewarding activity. And you will be fascinated by the amazing skills of your dog and his nose when he follows trails that can be days old through the woods and across the village

2 DAY WORKSHOP impuls control & frustration tolerance


9/10 NOVEMBER 2018


Friday: 10:00 - 18:00

Saturday 10:00 - 16:00



more info here

EVENING SEMINAR agression & aggressive behaviour


6th November 2018

19:00 - 21:00

Maren Grote 



more info here

Do as I do

a new training method

based on social learning

2 day workshop with Claudia


12th /13th October 2013

Ruxbury Farm, St. Ann’s Hill Road, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 9NL, UK

handler with 1 dog 180, – £ 

spectator without dog 100, – £

DOG TALK bodylanguage workshop

When the body becomes the voice

11.03.2023 and 12.03.2023

Alexandra Lucke, Julie Engstroem, Marian Lamp


Janas (Quinta) and Janes (dog field)

Saturday 14:00 - 18:00 

Sunday 9:00 - 14:00


170 €    per person/dog team 

150 €  for clients 


Sign up:      email

Payment:   MB way or paypal 


    min. 8 max. 12 participants



Our dogs communicate primarily through body language. As humans, we often find it difficult to understand their language so that we can correctly assess their behaviour and act accordingly. The focus of this workshop is on learning to read and understand dog communication better. Experience and observe first hand communication amongst larger groups of dogs – practice your own body language - identify your dog’s language and use your knowledge for a new level of communication.



infos on past events



2 Day Workshop + seminar

9. & 10. November 2018 19:00 - 21:00/10:00 - 18:00



there has been a change in timing and price!!


We will now start on Friday the 9th of November in the evening (19:00 - 21:00) with a talk to cover all the theoretical aspects then followed by a full day workshop on Saturday the 10th from 10:00 - 18:00 where you can bring your dog and we will work with every team individually and in the group, work out specific problems, discuss training ideas and try out excercisees.


When there is chocolate cake in the oven and the scales are right next to it....impulse control and frustration tolerance are not just words to most of us :)


Many dog owners also know what this is about....excitement - friskiness - exuberant joy and impatience. Dogs that have a non stop urge to be in the centre of attention and get very upset when they have to hold back.


But the good news is: Impulse control and frustration tolerance can be learned.


This workshop aims at showing you how to help your dog learn new startegies to become a more balanced and self controlled thus stress tolerant dog  so he can stay calm and relaxed in every day life situations and adpt better to daily life.



Dogs with a low frustration tolerance and little impulse control are welcome to this workshop. There will be individual excercises as well as group excercises for you to practices and take home.

The theoretical background will shed light on timing, developmental stages and different needs for different breeds.


How do dogs learn to take a step back and what exactely is happening when they do or what is not when they dont. We will discuss different forms of inhibition and self control in detail and give practical examples to explain.



This workshop is for dog owners with impatient dogs who lack impulse control in various situations, but also for anyone interested to learn more in depth about how impulse control and frustration tolerance work together, how it can be learned and what happens if its not learned. Dog trainers of course are also welcome.


Evening seminar  with Maren Grote

TUESDAY 6 NOVEMBER 2018       19:00 - 21:00

This seminar is about what aggression is, how aggressive behaviour in dogs evolves, what its benefits are and how it can be identified and distinguished from other social behaviour. Maren will focus on the role aggression plays in the relationship between dogs and people and what role training can play as well as she looks at why and how dogs use aggression amongst each other.



This seminar is for dog owners, potential dog owners, dog trainers, dog walkers, dog lovers and everyone who wants to find out more about aggression and dogs.


venue tbc

costs 20,00 Euro 
payable in advance by bank transfer

registration only by e-mail to



Maren Grote is an officially certified dog trainer and CANIS (Centre for Cynology) graduate, where she also worked as a lecturer specifying in dog groups and dog walking as well as dog nutrition. She  completed a behavioural-therapeutically oriented training on the subject of "Conversation management for dog trainers" at Dogument where she is currently leading the team of dog trainer training as well as lecturing on aggression. .

Do as I do

a new training method based on social learning

Social learning means being able to acquire new behaviours by observing others.

New ethological studies of the Department of Ethology at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest (under the supervision of Dr. Ádám Miklósi ) reveal the social-cognitive abilities of dogs and demonstrate that the social skills of the dogs are so well developed that dogs can learn new tricks, simply by imitating humans.

“Do as I do” is a new training method that is based on the social skills of dogs, especially their ability to imitate people. Through this method, dogs learn new behaviours by observing and imitating their owners.

Claudia Fugazza is probably the first dog trainer and researcher of canine ethology who has developed this research into a training method. Dog owners and trainers can learn how to use “Do as I do”, discover new talents and abilities in their dogs, and strengthen their relationship with their dogs.



(please note the workshop takes place indoors and outdoors – please bring appropriate clothing)

Saturday 4 pm – 9pm
theory: dogs and social learning , training protocol phase 1
exercise: the imitation rule 1
theory: training protocol phase 2 exercise: the imitation rule 2

Sunday 9 am – 6pm
theory: “Do as I do” as a training method
exercise: generalization of imitation rule

theory: what is “imitation “?
exercise: teaching new behaviours with “Do as I do”


Your dog needs to know the command “stay” and can show at least three different behaviours on command (behaviours the handler can also do, like for example: lay down, roll, paw – sit is excluded as dogs usually sit in their “stay”)


participating (maximum 12 handlers and 20 spectators)


Claudia Fugazza
has a degree in Dog Breeding and Dog Training Techniques, a Master in Ethology of Companion Animals and a Master in Dog Training (University of Pisa – Italy).
She is a PhD student in Ethology with Prof. A. Miklosi at the University of Budapest and her research plan is on social learning and imitation in dogs. She is a dog trainer at Happy Dog School (Como) where she holds courses on dogs’ behavioural problems. She also teaches social learning in dogs at the University of Pisa and Padova.

She wrote a book and published a DVD on social learning in dog training: “DO AS I DO – Il cane impara guardandoci” edited by Haqihana, translated also in German by Dogfriend Publisher and published in English by Tawzerdog
Videos by Claudia Fugazza and the way she works can be found on her webpage:

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