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itsadog - training - coaching - workshops is my own company; my name is Alexandra Lucke.


I grew up in Hamburg, Germany and I  have my master of linguistics and teaching from Berlin University. I worked in PR and Marketing as well as teaching.


I love travelling and travelling taught me to keep my eyes open and „listen“ to other peoples’ body language.

I truly believe in respect and fine tuning between people and their dogs. Time, patience, and encouragement are important to me and can lead to a responsible relationship.


Marian Lamp introduced me to a world full of dogs– she taught me everything I know about managing large dog groups by observing them, handling them and reading them the whole day, every day.

I studied at Canis and dogument learning a whole you new world of communication, coaching and understanding.

With my family I  live in Malveira da Serra, near Lisbon, Portugal and work as a personal dog trainer on a one to one basis as well as giving group trainings and organizing workshops in the Cascais area. 

I currently have 3 dogs on my own: Lui, Pinga and Nanu, all rescue dogs from Portugal.

I hope you enjoy this webpage and I am looking forward to meeting you and your dog in person soon.


Alexandra Lucke

Telephon: +351 960471905

E-Mail: info@itsadog.de

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